In a world where IT has become the backbone of businesses worldwide, ‘outsourcing’ is the process through which one company hands over part of its work to another company, making it responsible for the design and implementation of the business process under strict guidelines regarding requirements and specifications from the outsourcing company.

One of the sectors where outsourcing has become an expected norm and a virtual necessity is the Information Technology, which includes software application, web design and development services. Offshore Information Technology outsourcing has helped many businesses turn around their fortunes.

An organization would use IT outsourcing for functions ranging from infrastructure to software development, maintenance and support.

Many organizations today see the use of outsourcing as an integral element of their overall business strategy. constantly work along with organizations & advice them to address these questions if they are going to secure a successful future for it:

What do you do best?
How can you do it better?
What distinguishes you from your competitors?
What value do your customers derive from your products & services?
What competitive advantage could outsourcing provide?