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Reasons Why React is Essential For Web Development.

February 20, 2024
5 minutes read
By DI Solutions
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Why do we need React?

React For web development, front-end libraries, and frameworks are an essential aspect. For building fast and high-performing applications, using libraries has become easy.

What is React?

1) Easy To Learn as compared to other frameworks/Libraries:-

ReactJS has a short learning curve and is easy to learn as compared to other libraries and Frameworks. Developers from Javascript can learn ReactJs easily and much faster. There is a good supply of good documentation, tutorials, and training resources for ReactJs. Also, there is a huge community of React to help.

2) Reusable Components:-

A web application consists of multiple components. Each component has its own work and logic. The reusable component and code help to make your apps easier to develop, read and maintain. We can use these reusable components nested with other components to build complex applications in an easy way.

3) SEO Friendly:-

When users search for something, search engines try to find the most relevant to the search. Web Applications with ReactJS are known to be SEO-friendly. Other Javascript Frameworks/Libraries have problems with SEO but ReactJs solved this problem. Search engines can easily search ReactJs websites.

4) Great Performance:--

React has great performance. React uses virtual DOM and manipulating virtual DOM is much faster than manipulating real DOM. When the user makes some changes, react compares the existing DOM with the new one and finds the least expensive way to update DOM. That is why applications with ReactJs are much faster.

5) Proficient Data Binding:-

React has one-way data binding means you can track all the changes in data easily. It makes it easy to track and maintain your application easily.

6) JSX:-

ReactJS uses JSX means you can write HTML with Javascript in ReactJS easily. JSX makes code more readable and easy to maintain. JSX helps developer to write code more clearly.

7) Declarative:-

ReactJs is declarative instead of imperative. Declarative programming, to put it simply, is when your code demonstrates what you want to happen. What ReactJs means You specify how you want the page to appear when it is shown using your code.

8) Virtual DOM:-

React makes use of Virtual DOM, which functions as a simplified version of the real DOM. Although identical, it cannot in any way change the document’s design. Manipulating actual DOM is slow, but manipulating virtual DOM is fast. That is why React is much faster than other libraries/frameworks. The virtual DOM performs behind the scenes but has a great impact on performance.

9) Components:-

A component is one of the core building blocks of React. Components are autonomous, reusable chunks of code. They do the same task as Javascript functions, but they are autonomous and produce HTML… We can create reusable components in React. Class components and Function components are the two categories of components in React.

10) One-Way Data-Binding:-

The process of integrating the view element or user interface with the data that populates it is known as data binding. ReactJs is made in a method that adheres to one-way data binding or unidirectional data flow. One-way data binding advantages provide you superior control over the entire

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11) Unique React Hooks:-

React Hooks are one of the most important concepts in ReactJs. In ReactJs hooks are very helpful to maintain and handle application data. Hooks can be stateful and can manage side effects as well.

Hooks were introduced in React version 16.8 firstly and became a very popular feature of React over time. Some examples of React Hooks are useState, useEffect, useContext, useReducer, useMemo, useCallback, etc.

12) Vast Community:-

ReactJs has a huge community. It is actively supported by software experts from Meta. Software experts from Meta and all over the world actively publish blogs/articles dedicated to ReactJs only. ReactJs is a preferable library in the world’s most big companies like Meta, Netflix, Uber, Amazon, etc.

13) The Power of React Native:-

Now you can build hybrid mobile apps by using React Native. So now with the help of React, you can build websites, web apps, and mobile apps. The launch of React Native is a game changer for React.

14) The Power of Flux and Redux:-

Because of flux and Redux the popularity of ReactJS has dramatically increased. Redux provides you with great control over state management and the data flow of applications. So maintaining application data has become very easy for developers and that is why ReactJs is so popular among developers

15) Extensive Toolset Available:-

There are extensive toolsets available in ReactJs. Along with the Redux development tool, React developer tools offer extremely convenient capabilities. You can easily install them as regular Chrome extensions.

16) Reusability of components:-

React components are one of the reasons why Reactjs is so popular. You can create components, combine them and reuse them as needed hassle-free. This means you can use the same component multiple times as needed.

What is a React chart library?

React apps are also commonly referred to as React chart libraries. These applications make use of frameworks that may be utilized again throughout time, thus they are both adaptable and scalable. Chart libraries for React are a valuable tool for web developers who want to include relevant data in their websites and are looking for ways to do so.

Why use chart js in React?

The most common library utilized for the creation of charts is called Chart.js. There are a number of tools that may be used to create charts in React; however, Chart.js is the one that is easiest to use, is well-updated, and has excellent documentation.

Why do you use a chart?

A chart's primary tasks are to show data and get people interested in learning more about a subject. When a simple table won't enough to show essential connections or trends between data points, charts are used.

Is React a UI library?

A React UI component library is a set of ready-to-use components that can be used in React-based websites and apps. These component libraries help developers make software faster and give developers and businesses a lot of other benefits.

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How do you filter an array of objects in React js?

To filter an array of objects in React:

  • Call the array's filter() method.
  • Check if a certain condition is met each time the loop is run.
  • The Array. filter method gives back an array containing all the elements that meet the condition